Supplements of the Month: July 2022

Supplements of the Month: July 2022

What you put into your body is important to healthy living. The same is true for the vitamins and supplements in your diet. We've teamed up with our providers to bring you the best supplements to add to your daily routine. Check out our Supplements of the Month below!

EvexiPEL's Sleep Formula - Dr. Shanklin's Pick

This compound targets sleep and mood improvement to help you fall asleep and stay asleep along with the increased ability to deal with stress.

Who can benefit from Sleep Formula?

  • Individuals wanting to improve sleep, mood, and stress
  • Anyone struggling to stay asleep through the night

Thorne's Thyrocsin - Hillary's Pick

Thyrocsin thyroid cofactors enhance T4 hormone levels and support peripheral conversion of T4 to T3 for healthy thyroid function.

Who can benefit from Thyrocsin?

  • Individuals with a thyroid imbalance
  • Anyone with an autoimmune thyroid disease

Thorne's FloraMend Prime Probiotic - TaLynn's Pick

The proprietary blend in FloraMend Prime Probiotic offers support for gut and immune health with the added benefit of clinically studied support for weight management.

Who can benefit from FloraMend Prime Probiotic?

  • Individuals wanting to improve weight management, waist circumference, or body mass index (BMI)
  • An individual experiencing occasional diarrhea, constipation, or both
  • Anyone looking to support their immune function, including individuals suffering from a seasonal allergy
  • Everyone! Anyone can benefit from a healthy balance of gut flora

Thorne and EvexiPEL supplements can both be found in our clinic. You can also purchase Thorne products online and have them shipped directly to you at